The main focus of my research as a graduate student, under the advisement of Dr. Jeffrey Walling and Dr. Predrag Spasojevic, was the design of a MedRadio band (401-406 MHz) low-power downconverter and demodulator, formed by a voltage controlled oscillator and mixer to create a Vance demodulator.

The design was realized using circuits optimized for low-power operation and minimal die space. Selection of device size and power consumption was done using a design script written in MATLAB using simulated model information to ensure optimal performance, and layout performed using Cadence Virtuoso

Results based on this were published in ICWMC 2015 as 'A 26 microwatt, two-stage VCO and mixer for direct DPSK conversion in MedRadio'

Fun fact, my actual thesis has been downloaded 633 as of June 13, 2016. No idea by who, but I did get a fun break down of which country downloaded it how many times. Apparently I am big in the US, India, and 'Other', but I could stand to pick up my popularity in Japan and Germany.